Artistic glassworks specialized in chandeliers since 1993. Our products, strictly handmade according to Murano techniques and made in limited editions, are characterized by a wide range of colors and effects that enhance their beauty and uniqueness.

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Classic Line

The classic Murano chandelier is a piece of furniture of unparalleled elegance and class, able, on its own, to change and improve the appearance of any location.  

Pippolini Line

A prestigious design collection with bright colors, light games and innovative shapes: Lighting becomes magic.

Table lamps

A wide range of colors and effects that enhance  the aesthetics and distinctiveness for a functional furnishing piece of daily use

Palazzo da Mula Murano Venice


Nowadays , glass is all what has been left to us and what explains a long and important history which we are guardians of.

Taken from “Dalla Sabbia e dal fuoco” by Alessandro Marzo Magno  


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