Our History

The Mazzuccato Murano glassworks since 1993 has been specializing in the production of chandeliers which are the perfect reproduction of those made in Murano from the 17th to the 19th century.

To make these products we use a wide variety of colors and effects and with limited production, which have led us to become one of the largest production companies in the glass processing sector. This new way of considering the range of colors has allowed us to create original and unique chandeliers that are amazing even when they are off.

Since its foundation, the Mazzuccato Murano glassworks has worked for overseas markets, in which it has reached an important position thanks to its peculiar products. In 1994 it has begun the distribution of its quality products in the Italian market with an organized sales network. In the following years this distribution has been developed to reach its current positions in the domestic and international market. From 1998 we have started to reach the “Great World Market” by addressing directly to the customers with promotions and sales activities.

Every time has its beauty, every event has its own meaning. And I hold onto my childhood as a precious, unique gift that has made me the adult I am.

Daniele Mazzuccato “From Sand and Fire” by Alessandro Marzo Magno

From 1993 to these days

In 2009 Marrio Pippolini has designed his collections; the well-known designer, for the first time ventured into the glass sector for lighting with an excellent result.

Fundamental Divisions

The Mazzuccato Murano glassworks is specialized in the contract sector, producing magnificent chandeliers designed by the customer for some of the main hotel chains, embassies, residences and public buildings. It is characterized by a great professionalism in following all the technical and aesthetic aspects of the product, taking care of both the quality of materials and the completion as well as the perfect functionality concerning the safety and reliability.


The Mazzuccato Murano glassworks produces and sells glass lighting devices for home furnishing, distributed in the most qualified national and international selling points.

Custom Made

It designs and manufactures lighting products on request for hotel chains, banks, companies and public and private institutions, on a wide scale from large chandeliers to indoor appliances. The prestige and reputation achieved by the Company in the different markets and in the vast and complex “Custom Made” production are a true evidence of the know-how and manufacturing skills that the Mazzuccato Murano glassworks is able to engage to meet the multiple needs of touristic, residential, office and community furnishings.